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Tre Switch

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My understanding is that the 'TRE' switch is a mod that tricks the gear position sensor that it is in 5th gear.


The ECU uses a different map in 5th gear (better performance), and will increase low rpm throttle response. Also it will remove the 186mph restriction if your bike has it.


Don't know of what the dis-advantages are; if any?



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TRE = Timing Retard Eliminator


GSXRs retard the timing in the first 3 or 4 gears at low revs so you have less power. It's supposed to make the bike easyier to ride.


The TRE fools the computer so it does not retard the timing and you get more power at low RPMs in the lower gears. On the Busa it also bypasses the top speed limiter that would normaly kick in at 186 MPH.

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