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Question To Uk People

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Hi Mate,


There are a number of trackday companies in the UK, they are: -


  • Hottrax
  • No limits
  • MSV (who own a lot of the circuits in the UK)
  • Focused Event

Each of these companies have their own websites you can search and all of them do Novice days over the period of the year.











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I've also done a trackday with a company called Rapid Training, they mainly do road-based courses but do offer trackdays under the guise of track training. You pay a little more than other organisers, but I found their day to be a bit more courteous and there were less people pulling off banzai moves than I found on a day with one of the other companies.

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Also check out Easytrack (who mainly do open pitlane) and Motorcycle Folly. Any one company can give you a good or bad experience though. I've been least impressed overall with Focused but have had good days with them as well. Most people who ride on trackdays are pretty friendly but if you can find some other people to go with you or to meet there it makes the day a lot more fun. Also think about choice of track - somewhere liek Rockingham is very novice-friendly because speeds are lower and it's immensly wide. You'll be able to ride any track if you approach it with respect, but ones like that won't give you as much to think about as somewhere like Oulton, and you'll have plenty on your mind anyway!

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