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Clip-On Chain Links.

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How confident should I be if I have one of these on my bike. I went out of my way to get a riveted chain yesterday because the insert said that chain manufacturer recommended riveting for street bikes.


Also, I have an '05 ZX6R and a lot of bolts stripped while I was taking off my front sprocket cover. Is it anything critical that I get it back on there for that bike? I see lots of other bikes with their front sprocket exposed, but the cover for the ZX is really on there. Can I do without it?

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I'd want a rivetted link on any bike. I'd not trust anything else as the consequences could be deadly. As for the front sprocket cover I'd like that in place to and it may even be a legal need. Not sure how it would go regarding scrutineering at at track too.

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I'm not concerned about legalities. It's a track only bike. I keep seeing other bikes without a front sprocket cover, and besides keeping it clean, I'm not sure exactly what it does that would be a safety issue. Just wanted to be sure it's OK without it.


And Kevin, I'm learning how to do a bunch of things, and a novice can change a chain if he springs for the proper tools. I didn't this outing, but will for the next time.

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