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2 Day Vs One Day And Some Other Info

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Guest Guest_JOE

im thinking about attending the school. i know the first step is to understand the class. what is the difference between the one day and the 2 day camp? (beside the prices). i want to become a racer what do I do to get my racing "license"? thank you

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The two day camp is kind of like doing level one and two (or two and three, etc?) right in a row. You get much more riding tech and coaching then you would at a single day school. The two day camp offers several advantages over a one day school including?


MORE TRACK TIME :D ? You ride seven on-track sessions each day at the two day camp as opposed to five sessions at a one day school.


More individual attention ? The student to on-track instructor ratio at a two day camp is designed to give the two day camp students more individual attention.


You ride our bike ? everyone at the two day camp rides one of our ZX6Rs. You don?t have to worry about the bike at all. Our fleet is well maintained and all you have to think about is riding.


Video bike ? Everyone at the two day camp gets to ride the camera bike several times and have their video reviewed with them by an instructor.


More off track stuff ? everyone at the two day camp gets to ride the brake rig and you can do the Steering Drill, NO BS Bike, Lean Bike, Slide Bike and the Control Trainer if you like.


Less Students on track ? We limit the number of students on-track so there is less traffic.


FOOD B) ? We provide breakfast, lunch and snacks all day long at the two day camps.

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