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Rain -- Tires?

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For those of us on a budget who ride or race at tracks in areas of the country where we see lots of rain, I have a question. How good are the D211GPAs in the rain? Understanding that some of us have a budget and may not have spare wheels with rain tires ready to switch out tires, in the rain what could we expect with regards to the characteristics of Q2s vs. D211GPAs vs. Dunlop rain tires?


This year I'm considering changing from Q2s to D211GPAs. Last year I had a few rain days on Q2s, to include a Cal Superbikes School day, and found that they did pretty well in the rain. Prior to changing tires, I'm trying to figure out what kind of rain performance I can expect from the D211GPAs, or whether I will need to be ready to go to Q2s or Dunlop rain tires when it gets wet.



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D211GP's and Q2's are similar in the rain in my experience, both coping well at dealing with conditions ranging from damp to deep water well when they have some heat in them. comparing them with full racing wets however is futile, as they are similar performing in the wet as aQ2 does in the dry. the laptime difference would be considerable, with wets able to get within 10% of a tyre like a 211 in the dry, and a 211 in both conditions separated by probably 30% time gap.





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I have to go with Bullets answer. Not only does he bring his first hand experience to the table, he is also correct!


Its tough to have your cake and eat it too. You need to pick the tire for the job. Certainly the full rain is by far the best for rain conditions. I agree with Bullet, its futile to try to compare D211 with a full rain in rain conditions.

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