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Blind Corners


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We rode through the Smokey Mountains on Saturday. I have yet to take a class, but have finished reading "A Twist of the Wrist II." So far it is relatively easy to tame my SRs when I can see all the way through the corners. However, in the Smokies there were plenty of corners that wrapped around greater than 90 degrees and were bordered by tall rock walls. You couldn't see how far the corner went or whether the radius changed as the corner progressed. My approach was to dive in as late as possible, trying not to have to lean too far, and then make adjustments as I went around. That often entailed rolling off the throttle or using up my lean credit (as far as my SR would let me). I also had to make steering adjustments. Anyone got any wisdom on how to guage blind corners and how to approach them better?


I suppose this kind of question is adressed in a class, but since riding season is probably approaching an end this year, I'm waiting until next spring for a class..



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There are a few things we teach at the school that can really help with blind corners.


Two things that I think really help in these kinds of corners are ...


1) Set your entry speed carefully. This is pretty difficult when you can't see what the corner is going to do, but you have to take your best shot. Error on the side of going in a little too slow. It's much better to go into a blind corner a little slow then to go in too fast and find out that it tightens up later on. :o


2) Wait till you can see what the corner is going to do, then turn in. Don?t commit to the corner until you can tell how it is shaped. Just cruise around the outside of the corner until you can see what kind of corner it is then turn in and roll on.


The vanishing point drill is probably the best thing we teach for blind corners, but you?ll have to come to the school for that one as it would be difficult to explain in this format.

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Be very careful about driving these mountain roads. I live in them. The best was is to learn them before attempting a better way to take them. You can get bit real fast up here. Stuman, you know the girl that was killed on the Cherohala don't you or heard of her? She was from south Florida. I know she knew the road, but a car was doing a U turn in a corner. She was not lucky and her skill did not pull her through. Track days and school are great, but don't over ride your ability to stop before you see what's around that next corner.

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