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Just Upgraded My Saddle

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I just had my seat re-foamed by the folks at Mean City Cycle in Maiden, North Carlina. The front had the memory foam upgrade and the back got the double-decker upgrade with two different layers of memory foam. My wife reports significant improvement and the front section is also much better. Usually, I get sore after only 20-30 minutes. Now, it's 45-60 minutes of pain free riding. Mean City says they do "racing seats," but they mean dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. I'm not sure why you would need a "comfortable" racing seat (considering you hardly sit on it during a race or track day), but for anyone riding a Connie or FJR, it might make sense. I'd include a picture, but they re-use the stock seat cover, so the bike looks almost stock.

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A comfortable saddle is a thing of beauty on a long ride! Did your factory seat wear out or was it just lacking in the proper cush factor?

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Not enough cushioning!


This was on my Suzuki Burgman 650, which has a wonderful Looking seat. It appears big and cushy, but is actually thin, hard and poorly shaped. The maxi-scooter has an under seat trunk will hold two large, full-face helmets. However, that big cargo area cuts into the seat cushion area. The passenger section in particular had barely 1" of almost useless foam, and a weird, domed shape under that. My wife was not a happy passenger and started looking for her own bike. Now, I encourage her to ride and want to see her on her own bike, but a new seat is a lot cheaper than a new Honda Shadow Spirit! :rolleyes:


The rebuilt seat is not as comfortable as a Gold Wing, mind you, but now our weekend trips will be much more frequent. The dealer tells me the seat will feel even better after we put in 700-800 miles. Oh, and by the way, since the Burgman has an automatic transmission, it is great for practicing standard throttle control.



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