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Hi to all


A friend and I are looking at heading to the US (east) in July and want to rent bikes while we're there. It may be because I have admitted defeat early but so far all I can find to rent are cruisers or tourers. Sadly I don't have the facial hair or enough body art to pull off riding a cruiser yet so does anyone know of, or better still recommend, a sportsbike rental company. We'll be around NJ and PA and plan to do some travelling if anyone can recommend some good rides out of there. I'm guessing North and into the hills is the best bet. Any suggestions appreciated.


ps sorry the thread has nothing to do with cornering!


All the best



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Eagle Rider in Central Virginia lists a wide range of bikes for rent. This is a bit south of where you are headed, but not far in motorcycle miles. Rental bikes include:


FJR1300 (my personal favorite)



Hyosong 650GT


Of course, they also rent plenty of Gold Wings. If you haven't ridden a Gold Wing, you might be surprised at how much fun they are. They're not as light as the R1200RTs, but they have a LOT more power. You do have to steer them into corners. You can't just think about turning and find yourself powering out of the other end, but they can be a blast to ride. Stay away from the H-D Road King--worst motorcycle I've ever ridden. The Electra Glides won't keep a sport rider happy either, but they're okay for touring folk. Good luck.

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Sport bikes are hard to come by for rentals in north east / mid atlantic region of the US. Florida, Vegas, California you can get them.


As was already said www.eaglerider.com will get you all of their locations, which they have quite a few. I think there are some locations in New York and New Jersey. I know we have a couple here in Maryland.


I don't know exactly what their criteria for rentals to people from outside of the US. But I suspect you'll find that on their website.

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