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Racing At Chuckwalla?

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Has anyone been to any races with Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association? If so, how did you like it? Is it friendly and fun, like it appears on the website? Does it seem well organized, and (reasonably) safe? How big are the starting grids? I'm interested in doing a bit more racing, but without having to drive a long way, and I'd love to find a race organization that presents a fun speed challenge with smaller grids and without a win-or-die-trying attitude.


Anyone going there on April 15 or 16?

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There are a couple on a forum where I love (Phoenix) and the grids are big. 30+ It's a big, wide, fast track with LOTS of run-off. I'm not sure how it's run, but SoCal Trackdays is run very poorly. It's a no sessions format so we get a lot of riding, but the corner workers are poorly trained, the communication is very poor, and the riding isn't really stopped even for debris on the track. But that's the trackday. Still worth it for no sessions. Stu, an old CSS instructor on the boards, is participating with Chuckwalla racing. I'm sure he'd answer any questions you had.

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Its a lot of fun for sure. We had round 2 of this past weekend, and had a pretty significant turn-out considering WSMC, AFM, and MoM were running the same weekend, and WERA had run the weekend prior. Its completely run by racers and for racers. The weekend consists of a total of 5 practice sessions (3 on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday). The 3rd session on Saturday serves as Qualifying. After that, we run a full schedule of sprint races both days. On Saturday we also have a 1 hour team-challenge race, and Sunday we have the "Shootout" races which have a few extra laps than a normal sprint.


And yes, Stuart Smith is the instructor for the "Formula Street" attendee's.

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