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New Track Year

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I have my first track day of the year tomorrow; I suppose the season is starting up for a lot of folks in the northern hemisphere!


I thought about setting some goals like xxx lap time for my local track. But for this weekend I just need to get used to some new things I've done over the winter-

- new front end springs and settings,

- new type of tires (D211GPA's)

- new size rear tire (190/55 from 180/55)

- new chain and sprockets

- new tooth count (-1/+1)

- new rear sets

- new boots (zipper busted out in old ones; different model but same size and brand)

- tire warmers and stands

- water instead of antifreeze coolant

- safety wired up the oil filler cap, drain plug, and filter


Not all those things directly impact the riding, but I just keep thinking back to a scuba class I had in college and the guy said never to do more than 1 new thing on a dive... I think I've violated that rule! :blink:

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I was going to work on upping my corner entry speed on tracks I know.


Since I crashed 2 weeks ago and broke my clavicle, that will have to wait. Not to mention that I don't have a bike to ride at the track!


I think you will like the -1/+1 gearing. I went -1 on the front of my 954 and I like it. No way will I hit the rev limiter in 6th, so that tall gearing was wasted on my bike.


Have fun!

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