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First Ride Of The Year Yesterday

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Having spent all winter thinking about improving my cornering, I finally went out for a ride yesterday. This was on the road, so hazrds abound! Here are some things I noticed.


1. When moving to hang off, I was 'pushing weight on the opposite handlebar to facilitate moving my arse cheek over. So if I went to hang off to the right, I was not griipping the tank with both knees, instead, I was trying to grip with my left knee and bear weight on my left foot peg, and slide over. I don't think this was a massive problem, as my actions were in the upright position / in preperation to turn, however, I did think 'this does not feel right / totally stable and it was taking up my concentration....so that's not good.


2. When approaching a turn (this was a road I know well, so I was confident on the layout), I sometimes rolled off the throttle way too early. I then found my self rolling on to get to more respectable turn in speed. Trouble is, I found myself turning whilst rolling on (gently but still rolling on). I caught myself doing this and gave my self a slap around the head! Next corner, I forced myself to roll off later, then turn. The speed of turn was so much faster, so much so that I nearly turned into the wrong side of the road and had to sit up (ggrrr, more instaility!). I need to get used to turning that fast - I think I have gotten a bit lazy withn my steering.


3. I was determined to grip the tank with my knees where ever possible (except as describes in point 1!). I think my hang off position was quite good (weight on outside knee / peg). Trouble is, this seemed to put my hips into an uncomforatble position and upon leaving the corner and accelerating, I had a horrible pain in my hip, which came as I moved my leg to change up. The pain felt like my hip had come out of it's socket and took lots of standing up on pegs/flexing before it subsided. I'm really bummed about this, because I've been doing lots of leg exercises and stretches over winter to prepare fmy body for riding, but it doesn't seem to have helped. Does any one else get this crmaping feeling? Know of any good ways to cure it - stretches / exercises?


So my conclusion, going into my level 4 school on 23rd of april. I need to work on my body set up position approaching corners (I need to stop using the bars to shift weight around). I also need to work on my quick turn and ideally get my corner entry speed up as a consequence. I think these will be my two main areas.....then again I'm sure I will have many others which my coach will no doubt see!


Can't wait for level 4 - only hope my hips don't hurt like yesterday!

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I found, having made my first ride of the year last Saturday, that just being relaxed and ride at a comfortable pace was the way to go. I can build up speed gradually instead of having my ego demand great pace from the word go. Especially since the roads are still full of sand and gravel from the winter plus dirt and manure left by the tractors as the farmers ready their feelds for this year's crop.

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Well, I guess I'm ahead of some. I snuck in my first ride in mid February. If it's 40f or higher and the roads weren't bad, I had a ride. Granted, I did freeze my buns off a couple times but I've clocked ~1,000 miles since I parked it last fall.


It still amazes me of how much of a better mood I'm in when I've had some seat time. I really don't think this is a fluke, it's just too consistent!


Took my youngest for an 80 mile two up ride last weekend which is always a hoot! Mind you, my youngest daughter is a rock hard soccer player who weighs as much as I do and could kick your butt! Two up on my ZX-6R can be a wee bit of a challenge but she's been getting better at flowing with me.


Just so damn glad the snow and stuff is gone, life's so much better just going to work and having a little time. :D

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I've had my scoot out for a couple of weeks now. New saddle working good. Like you, I found my riding style a bit hesitant at first. Relax. Relax, I said! I noticed I was fine during the day, but my first night ride in ages was disconcerting--things rush at you out of those headlights. Who KNOWS what's on those dark roads?


Gorecki: Yesterday, I took my son out for HIS first ride of the season. He did much better than last year. This time, I did a little passenger technique review before we took off: the bike has to lean to turn, look into the turns with me (if I'm turning right, look over my right shoulder), don't fidget when I'm stopping or in the middle of a turn, keep one hand on my hip or shoulder so you can tell what I'm doing.


It cost me $50 to fill up my little car, so I'll be riding the bike a lot more this year.

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