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Hello From Greece :)

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Hi all!!


I have been wandering around here for some days, reading Keith Code's articles. Very interesting! smile.gif

Of course i have not read all of them ... yet...

These readings, along with the twist of the wrist books which i read during the previous summer made me think that i might need to repeat some parts...biggrin.gif



I come from Greece, Athens and last May (2010) I have attended Level 1 in Megara circuit, just outside Athens.

It was a great experience!


Enlightening !!!


I am only riding bikes for three years and something. I am very excited these last days because there are new CSS dates for Greece again.




I ride every day around the crazy streets of Athens.


Unfortunately I have not yet had the chance to go to track days. From one hand i believe that in Megara Circuit they are poorly organized these last months , of course this is my personal opinion, and from the other hand i dont have much spare time to go to track days due to my work.


CSS Level 1 has proven to be more than valuable both in the traffic conditions of a city like Athens as well as to my trips outside the borders of it .


Sorry for any kind of mistakes i make in English.


I am waiting to see whether June's lessons will take place eventually, so i go for level 2smile.gif


nice to meet you all!


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Welcome to the forum Krys! I have to tell you Greece is on my list of places to see, I know a fellow who owns a Greek restaurant here in Richmond and when he talks about the blue water of the Med it makes me want to catch the next flight out!


Good luck getting to level 2 this summer, I can tell you the vision drills, while a bit more difficult than the level 1 (for me any way) were hugely impactful. Proper visual skills really slow things down prospectively.


Good luck and don't be afraid to jump right in with any questions, comments, or thoughts in general. There are a lot of good folks on this site.





And BTW...your English is great :)

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Hi Krys,


Welcome to the forum. Loads of great information here too, in addition to the books and school, and you'll find lots of people who you'll be able to relate with your riding experience/skills.


Have a look around, ask questions. B)



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Welcome Krys:


Glad to hear from you. Greece sounds like such a wonderful place to ride. I've seen photographs of Edelweisse Tours through your homeland and it looks wonderful. Now, Athens, on the other hand, I don't know. I'm thinking a 250cc three-wheeled Piagio MP3 scooter might be the hot ticket in that mess! :D


I hope you will jump right into the discussions. Do you have any riding tips for us?

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Thank you very much all of you!



Great being here !smile.gif




Truth is that in Greece one can get to ride every day! The weather helps since it is like summer all year round. Winter time is not that cold nor that rainy and summer can get really hot also. Immagine that during summer one can see motorbikes travelling mostly early in the morning and rather late at night., not when the sun is right up above your head rolleyes.gif.

WInter 2011(over by now!!!) in Athens i remember raining for somehting like 15-20 days, when the year before i remember raining even less.




There are infinite trips you can do in Greece, there are so many provincial roads you can take and there one can of course practice what is learned during CSS lessons as well, keeping in mind of course that the public road is not a track.


Greece is a beautiful place to ride but some roads need a lot of attention. They are not that good.

So, even if one doesnt get to go often to track days he/she can choose shorter or longer routes to follow around mountainous or seaside areassmile.gif

Every weekend, after springtime especially i ride my triple around the countryside, and trust me, the words of the CSS masters are ringing bells in my ears. I remember (almost) everything and have the lesson still in my mind when i am around the snaky roads of the countryside. During the week around the messy streets of Athens, i ride my other bike, an aprilia strada factory. Not a fun of scooters!biggrin.gif


I am excited for the upcoming lesson on Level 2!



thank you all!


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