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First Time On Track

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I would like to take my first class on the track and have decided the 2-day would be best for me. I will travel to any of your sites and would like to know if there is any significant difference between tracks for a newbie? I would definitely like to be able to use the braking, slide, and lean bikes to improve my skill. In the meantime, I will continue to read, read, read, and get in shape :)

Thank you.

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I can't see that one track would be better for a new rider than another. We do go to some great tracks, Laguna, Barber, VIR and Blackhoawk Farms are some of my favorites.


However we can't use the lean bike, slide bike and stuff at Black Hawk Farms due to a lack of space. Some times at Laguna they use the paddock for car stuff and we can't run the lean bike and stuff there, but that is rare. Every other track you can ride those bikes at the two day camp.

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