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What's He Done Wrong?

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My guess is that he's got off the gas and touched the front brake, whilst the bike was leaned too far over. Opps! :o


Pushing it, just a tad too far. That's racing. B)



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well, I can tell you, (as it's my Local track), that part of the circuit is quite difficult. You come off the hairpin and accelerate very hard and then you have to turn and brake all at the sametime. That's basically what's happened, he's overbraked on the front tyre. You normally brake where the kerb starts on the inside. (you can see he's just passed that as the front folds)



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Could it have been a hard brake and steering input to go left? The front tire launches to the right when it starts to slide.



i don't see a turning input, it's too early as you sort of straight line the first part, then, turn left then very hard right in that chicane.



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