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Lowering Bike

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I am 5'5" tall and ride a literbike. I am an ok rider, but at my height any kind of lowspeed problem (step in oil, hole, etc.) can have expensive consequences. I also weigh around 150lbs. How much could I lower the bike without having undesirable side effects? I think even an inch would help greatly. And I am definately not doing it for looks (I have seen some bikes looking like they are about to drag parts going in a straight line). Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chuck

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You should start by setting sag first - since you're light, you can get away with a little more static sag than the book says, letting the bike use at least 1/3 of its travel with you seated in your gear.


Considering your weight, lowering the bike one inch at both ends will not upset the bike much in any way. You could take a little bit more up front to quicken steering as well - lowering the CoG will tend to slow the steering a little. I don't know your bike, but if you are lucky, you have a rear shock that can be adjusted for ride height. If not, you'll have to either modify your unit or buy one of the preferred lenght. I would not advice that you alter the linkages.


The forks kan be slid through the yokes, just remember that there must be enough clerance between the fender and lower clamp for full wheel travel.

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