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The class would benefit her most if she's definitely comfortable controlling a bike- throttle control, shifting, braking, etc. I took the class with 5 years of riding experience and it was the greatest thing I ever did! In my humble opinion, though, I, personally, wouldn't have felt comfortable if I had just 700 miles experience.... I remember at that level just concentrating so hard to shift well, countersteer, etc. She may get more out of the class after a little more experience.

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Hi Phillybob - I enrolled my wife in a level one several years ago after she had about 1000 miles experience. In retrospect, I think it was too soon. It's my experieince that the instructors push pretty hard, and she just wasn't ready for it. She ended up running off the track in a slow corner and falling down in the rocks. The whole experience soured her on riding her own bike, and she gave it up a few months later. I'd wait until she can't wait anymore, if you know what I mean..




Mark G

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