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1st Place Win!

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Thanks again to Keith Code and his instructors for pointing me in the right direction,

James and Paul as well!!!


I got a 750 GSXR from Mark @ Vesrah Suzuki


First weekend on the new bike!!!

---Nashville Superspeedway WERA Novice


1st place -- B Superstock

2nd place -- B Superbike

2nd place -- Formula 1

3rd place HVY Solo 20


Thanks again -- Turning EXPERT!!!

Bill Green www.turbogreen850.gixxer.com

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Thanks for the reply Keith.


Nashville:: Nashville SuperSpeedway, we hit similar speeds to the Nascars on the Tri oval!!!


I have been reading "Twist of the Wrist 2" for the past week and have seen MANY things I have never thought of.


I can't wait to get out there and apply the things I learned from the Book!!


Next Season I am bumped up into Expert in WERA and CCS, once I have 100 points I will be attending the AMA pro-racing schedule aboard a superstock VESRAH GSXR1000 and GSXR750!!

That should be by April or so.


I'll have to find time for Level 3 and 4 this year as well! :D


Bill Green WERA CCS #850


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Tested out 2004 Vesrah GSXR1000 at the WERA sportsman event at Talledega Road Course in Alabama.


Turned Expert Status as well


5th place A Superstock

5th place Formula 1


Had MAJOR brake problems --

possibly need:

1)GSXR1000 master brake cylinder instead of the GSXR750 that is on it....

2)Super RJL pads instead of RJL for less overall heat -- Vesrah Pads


Had fun and no crashes!!!


I was reading Twist 2 again on the way down there and was really focused on a relax grip under braking as well as on the exit of corners. Having the 1000 is very cool and spins the tire like my old dirtbike, I am glad I read that the spin is a "good" thing!! Roll with it!!


I cant stress enough how much good throttle control and avoiding the survival reactions has allowed me to pilot these awesome machines with over 160whp with ease thatnks to you guys!!


Thanks Again,

Bill Green


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