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Had to just go for it - finally. I must say, again, many thanks to Keith and team!!



Did the Motoyard new racer school, which was pretty cool. Leaned some goods things from Jason Curtis; his miming trail braking and back to throttle was aweome and the vision of watching how his fingers transitioned from braking to roll-on to full throttle has stuck in my mind. Aside from too many damn crashes, a pretty cool day. Jason got us into both B and C groups for more track time. I have been fighting with a front sliding, vague feeling for sometime now. The suspension guy, Josh, suggested adding 10mm to rear preload.... and WOW!!! Shaved 6 seconds and felt planted without trying to go faster.


There's two primary "thank yous." One is throttle control and the second is a phrase from the audio CDs "doesn't guarantee crashing, but is it more or less likely.." Throttle control: I remember hearing Keith say that you just have to force yourself to roll-on. Willow Springs (big track) was recently re-capped. The outside of T2 is a marblely mess of slick 'oh sh't' moments. It was REALLY difficult to hold maintenance throttle; my brain and hand were fighting each other something fierce. Trying different lines, I found myself about 5 feet from the edge. Feeling the bike slide and trying to NOT look were I don't wanna go -namely the dirt- and not rolling off was fun. The entire time my mind cycled from Keith's "you have to ask yourself," the effects of rolling off, the DVD's slide bike in the wet, maintenance throttle, slippery marbles, and about 30 "oh sh'ts". I looked down, saw 103 mph then noticed my roll-on reference point. I forced myself to roll it on and came out faster than I thought with the BIGGEST smile!!! Thank you. The other moment came after blowing T3, rolling off and on up to T4a (with a few expletives under the lid). I was looking at the edge, where a pretty big pot hole lies or the dirt. I chose the pot hole. I look down see 72mph grab the bars but a the last second heard "relax fool" hit the hole and had a nice out-of-seat tank slapper. Went straight to fense slowed, let a few pass then back onto the racing line. Didn't realize, even though I finished the day, of the damage. Bent the front rim, cracked the weld for the rear stand spool, all the rear fairing clips that connect each to other broke.


Ended the day with the three mock starts. I started in P2. Looked around while getting the instructions and see nothing but white plates. Since I've never started a race I felt compelled to read up on it. I rev it up to about 8000 release the clutch and go. Thought I did good. Didn't wheelie or bog down, but kinda skipped the front tire, which I think is close to how it's supposed to be. Sometime around 30-40 feet pass the line I got devoured by a dozen riders I never saw all day. Two more of the same and then got my cert.


An excellent day. Looking into race fairings, and thinking about doing the first new racer race in Aug; Sep by the latest.



Thanks to the CSS crew and curriculum.




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I didn't realize CSS did race schools. any down in Aus?



http://coderace.com/ is the CSS team. But I was talking about the new racer school that is specifically for the WSMC. It was the training, especially the audio CDs and DVD --as I listen to the cds continually-- that truely made a difference.

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