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I have been riding street bikes on and off for the past 10 yrs. However, I am interested in becoming a racer and much better street rider.


As of now, I do not own a bike. I was hoping you could make a suggestion to me on either purchasing a bike (I'm assuming used initially), riding for awhile (how long?) and then taking your 2 day course or taking your course first?



Furtermore, any recommendations on a bikes for beginners?

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IMHO, take the two-day course now. As a self taught street rider who finally was convinced to go to School (by my insurance agent of all people), I can tell you without hesitation that I wish I had gone to school much sooner than I did. I also wish I had gone to school BEFORE I bought my first sport bike but that's another story for another time.


On the track and the street, I still have to "think" more than most because I am constantly working to overcome the incorrect technique that I learned on the street and to focus on structured and progressive training I received in School. Track riding is so-o-o much more intense that street riding that I still waste too much of my attention "remembering" the right way to do things and that adds seconds to my lap times.


I would also recommend that you take the time during the off season to read "Twist of the Wrist", vol's I & II to build the academic foundation to your school program. There's a lot to learn and the reading will get you focused on the key aspects of the training so that when you get to school, you can concentrate on applying the theory out on the track.


At the two-day camp, the School bike's are new Kawasaki ZX-6R 636's with Dunlop 208 GP's ...they rock!



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If you can ride well on the streets then you'll enjoy taking the Superbike School courses. If you're looking for a track bike, I do believe I read somewhere that Keith will be selling the 636s as he acquires the new ones.


Best of luck, and if you want a newer streetbike you might want to look into the SV650 or SV650S. I think they're a good all-around street bike, especially with a tad of suspension work.


Take care and good luck.

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