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Which Level?

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Hi all, I did level 1 and 2 this year in august at Pocono and I loved it. I really improved my techniques and I want to go again next spring but I'm not sure if I should do level 1 again to work some more on basic skills or if I should do level 3 to learn new stuff!


I'm not a racer and I don't have the opportunities do to track days, but I want to continue to improve. So, wich level do you think would be the most beneficial for me???


I'm not the fastest out there but in Pocono I was fast enough and confident enough to drag my knees in a few corners.


Sorry for the writing and spelling, english isn't my first language.

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I have found that the school is set up really well to move you through the levels one after the other. Meaning that you don't have to redo a level, unless YOU feel like you need to. Level 3 is the natural next step after completing level 2. And in fact if your on-track instructor sees you doing something that should have been handled in one of the previous level he will talk to you about it. For example if your throttle control is not good, or if you are having trouble with one of the visual drills taht they cover in Level 2.


My point is that I think that if you feel that you are ready to move on then that is what you should do.

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