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Experience Needed?

Guest Carlos

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I'm new to sportbikes and i would like to get into a level 1 class for the spring. I was wondering if riding since december 2004 would be good enough to possible take the lvl 1 class at the end of march? Also if it would be alright would the 1 day class be a better idea than the 2 day class? Thanks in advance

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The basic guideline for attending the school goes as follows. You should be comfortable operating a motorcycle without attention on the basic operations such as throttle, clutch, shifting and braking. As long as you can ride comfortably without thinking much about these basic controls, we do not require extensive street riding experience.


With these basic skills you would be fine attending a single day school or a two-day camp. During a two-day camp you would actually do level 1 on the first day and level two on the second. The advantage of a two-day camp is you ride a lot more and get much more individual attention, as the student to instructor ratio is better.

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Are you able to tell me online if you have any openings for the Sears point event on the 23rd? I'd like to attend that one so that i could bring my own bike instead of having to go down to willow springs rent a hotel and have to rent one of your bikes... thanks :)

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