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Dunlop D253 Supermoto

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What can I expect from these tyres? Just ordered a pair because they were on massive sale (about half price) thinking that as they were originally priced like premium tyres they should work pretty well. Will be used on a 50 hp Honda CB400SF on public roads in all sorts of weather.

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Found a few things about them.


The Dunlop Sportmax D253 is the OE (Original Equipment) tire for a number of bikes in the Husqvarna range, including the SM450R, SM 510R and the SM 610S + SMS630.


At 151kg the Husky’s (SMS630) light, and it stopped hard thanks to a big 320mm disc and new four-pot Brembo radial caliper. Fat 17-inch Dunlops gave enough grip to make good use of the near-limitless ground clearance, too.

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I now have about 300 miles on these tyres and can say a bit more. Stopping grip is simply phenomenal as the tyres won't even give out a squeek when clamping on the anchors hard. Handling and stability is excellent. Grip is fine - up to a point where they feel like they are rolling over marbles, which is the best description I can find. There are no wild slides, just a slightly rough feeling and a sensation of gentle understeer - both ends give the same sensation, only a bit stronger from the front.


I checked the tyres after doing about 150 miles today. Temps in the 8-10C range (46-50F). Gentle riding, most of it on good asphalt, some of it on well worn tarmac. Speeds under 70 mph. The CB400 have little power at the best of times, and mostly I was just sitting in 6th gear, so we're not talking overpowering issues here.


Anyway, a strip about 3/4 of an inch wide leading from the chicken strip inward is very rough to the touch. I'd say dimpled, or as if rubber have been torn out of them. Not the best images, but perhaps somebody can still suggest what may have caused this?




Attempted closeup


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