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Did Your Dog Eat Your Homework?


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Re the well-flogged What Technique Does Css Not Train? thread ...

"Ok, kids, raise yer hand if you haven't read last night's assignment -- Tw1, Tw2 and SSRR."

What if the foundations for these techniques are taught?

What if it just doesn't happen to be at a track?

What if it's about doing 80% of your homework at home ... then the other 20% at the track?

What if tracktime is like Finals?

Somebody around here, can't recall exactly, said "Waste paper, not track time." Does the principle apply?


Now, did your dog really eat yer homework?






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Good questions. I particularly like books or teaching techniques that not only tell you what to do, but also include a way for you to know when you are doing it right and wrong. For example:


  • Your line was good if you can turn once and make it comfortably through the entire corner.
  • If you make your apex but have to turn again at the track out (exit), you probably turned too early.
  • If you ran past your apex or made the apex but didn't get anywhere near your track out, you probably turned to late.
  • If you are going on and off the throttle in the turn, but making your turn points, your vision may be too low (probably from firing up one of those nasty survival reactions).

For me at least, having a way to diagnose my own problems makes doing my homework a lot easier.

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