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  1. ... Rossi feels the same way you do ... google Surtees, Murray Walker, Joey Dunlop, Mike The Bike Hailwood, Stanley Woods, Agostini ... long deep history of the IOMTT ... has been said that some of the early racers were World War 1 veterans looking for PTSD trench warfare adrenalin generators jg
  2. nothing more fun than smoking a Ducati in corner #9 at Summit Point Main on my Ninja 250 ) next on the list is the Moriwaki. Ago
  3. Hey, I could use some help integrating this with my CSS schooling and TOTW study. These 3 points sound new and different to me. I'm not sure why. Perhaps this illustrates a gap in my understanding? Justin
  4. Just curious, Hotfoot. Which bike were you racing?
  5. Gosh. All, thank you for your thoughtful posts and please forgive my delay in replying. Your camaraderie and support is much appreciated. I will reflect upon your questions and comments and be back soon. Justin
  6. Hi All Shaken, if not shattered, confidence has become an issue for me. I'll welcome any posts or messages with your thoughts on the topic. Thanks Justin
  7. Surtees --vincent thruxton manx mv agusta lola ferrari cooper maserati obe. Ago
  8. Phible Good to hear an echo on this. I'm prototyping a wiki. Ago
  9. Have you read twist on weighting-outside-footpeg? There's a thread active right now on this. Is there also an issue with tightening up corners? Ago
  10. once you've made your steering input, then when you're holding the bike in a corner, is your inside arm relaxed enough to do the chicken-flap? Ago
  11. Majdi Your answer itself begs the question: << What is the rule? >> Ago
  12. 'Zilla Is this only on straights? or How do you handle a situation where you need active suspension? Like rough spots, dips, bumps? Ago
  13. Chipset Can you help me understand the last two sentences about being light? To my read they seem almost contradictory. Ago
  14. hambones I believe they came to NJMP thunderbolt(some of the above pics are from there) and the guys who did it were really happy with the results .. I wanna take the class when I hit a wall and am not improving anymore! Till then TOTW FTW ------------------- Deep I counted 9 symptoms and 5 bandaids. Dude, go to school next month. It's in your backyard. Get the whole-body scan. Ago
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