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Silverstone 14Th July

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I'm booked into my level 2 that day, did my level 1 on the 6th April and booked my lvl2 up a few days later.


Squeezing track time in beforehand is a great idea, just a shame I can't as i've already looked.


Level 1 really gave me the track bug and at some point i can see myself getting a track bike rather than taking my daytona 675 on track

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Johnny, there was a guy who made a $10(?) note with Keith's face on as his number plate when I was at Silverstone South in July 2009 - that wouldn't happen to have been you?


Keith, Dylan, and some other guys were visiting from the US those two days :-)



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Yep that was me. For L1 I took the Looney Tunes rings and put Keith's face on it. I think this time I'm taking his head and Warholising it a la Monroe. I was wondering if it was you I'd met that day!


Most likely - I did two days on my R6, which was blue at the time. Here's a shoot from the first days (the dry one...).


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Had a great day on Saturday, although it lashed it down all morning, particularly hard mid-morning, standing water all over the track. Ideal for practicing pivot steering on a slow track... or not. Dried up in the afternoon though. Met a young lad called Joe Francis, was tearing it up on a 125 race bike. My knees are a bit stiff now, maybe some stomp grips could help that out. My brain was also fried trying to keep up, but by the end of the day I think I was on the ball. Been there, done that, got mugged for two t-shirts by the nice girl on the merchandise stand when I was only going to get one, oops. Good to see everyone again, pity no Ibbo this time, guess I'll be saving my pennies up again!

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