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A Question!

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Hello, I'm from Brazil and I live here now because I have a daughter 2 years and 10 months in treatment for leukemia at St. Jude in Memphis, TN.

In Brazil I've attended some courses and track days and now I want to take a course with you.

In this photo below is me, and wanted you guys to look and tell me at what level should I subscribe.






Thanks guys!

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what level should I subscribe.


Welcome to the Forum. To the question you pose, regardless of talent or experience EVERYONE starts at level I - no exception.

Hope you can make to one of the Schools but more importantly best of luck with your daughter's treatment.



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As Rainman said everyone starts at level 1, but that's not because Level 1 is the "beginner" level. Each level focuses on fundamental principals of riding and the school helps you improve your mastery of those principals. That's why this school can help riders like you and me as well as guys like Scott Russell back when he was riding and Leon Camier today. I hope you make it to a school.


And my prayers are with you and your daughter, best of luck at St. Judes!

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Thanks guys for your prayers, this is so important to us! Thanks thanks thanks!!!


And about the course, thats fine to do the level 1, no problem. But now, i need to buy the bike and get ready physically to do the course.



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