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Changing Tires If It Rains.

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Hi I'm taking Level 1 on 5/21 and was wondering if it rains,will I have time during the school to put on rain tires?Or perhaps the pace will be such that I won't need to?Currently I'm using the Q2's in the dry.Thank You in advance for your feedback.


If you haven't ridden in the rain on Q-2's you're in for a big treat; they have amazing grip in the rain. As for full on rains, the track and the continuing conditions need to be pretty wet (from what everyone I have ever spoken to has said) for you to benefit from putting them on. As far as time goes, if you're in the white group you ride first followed by yellow and then green. During these rotations, you will be on track, you will be in a classroom and then you will have free time. Depending on how quickly you can change them, you have the option to do that during your free time.

You are paying for their instruction and since probably all of your classmates (and certainly the coaches) will be working under the same conditions, you may miss a great learning If it rains and you are the only one with rain tires on; but that's one person's opinion.



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Hopefully we won't need rain tires. The forecast will definitely change, because they never get it right & a lot can happen in a week, but right now, the early part of next week looks ok [...crosses fingers...]


FWIW, I did Level I in very wet conditions a few years ago at Thunderbolt and had no issues on the Q2s.

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