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Buying Oil In Bulk

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OK so I don't quite have a fleet of motorcycles to tend to, but I manage to go through a pretty fair amount of oil, not quite enough to warrant a 55 gallon drum in the corner of my garage however. So my question is, is there a option somewhere between the 1 Gallon jug and the 55 Gallon Drum ?? I've done some searching on the web but I cant find much that doesn't require a commercial address or applying to be a race team or a vendor of some sort. Any input would be appreciated




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There used to be 15 gallon (60L; "quarter-drums") of oil. Both my parents retired from the oil business some time ago, so I knowledge may not be current anymore.

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As you may know we are using Silkolene Pro-4 in all the school bikes. You can get it from Tucker Rocky in gallons.

The only other way for public bulk is Amsoil, I run amsoil in all my personal vehicles and it is available in 1, 2.5 and 5 gallon jugs depending on what you need. You need to sign up as a preferred customer and then you can get it shipped or will call it from Las Vegas.

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