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Vir Wow!

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Ok, I did my first CSS school (Level 1) and first ride on a sport bike on Tuesday. I don't know where to start. My learning experience was huge. The class room instruction was awesome with Keith and Pete splitting the time instructing. My track coach Gerry was very patient and helpful beyond belief. Special thanks to Cobie, Josh, James, and Crystal (hardest working woman in motorcycling). Also it was great meeting hooligans Dan from California and warregl (Carey), thanks for the help and words of encouragement. Thanks to Keith for putting this "family" together...CSS is a well oiled machine. I'll be back. After I go practice ALOT!

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Hi Jeff,


I was going to start a thread on VIR this morning as well but I'll jump on yours instead.


It was great meeting you as well and based on the grins I saw by the end of the day I was pretty sure we had not led you astray with our advice here on the forum. You guys looked like you really had a fantastic time.


And I have to second your appreciative shout outs. Keith, Cobie and the whole team really work hard for us. Over the two days I was there I worked with Cobie and Joe as a level 4 consultants and Joe and Johnny as on track coaches and I too had a great time. Joe and I worked on the passing drill on Monday (which was a blast - no 6 foot passing rule on your coach in that drill :D ) and when we finished Joe's enthusiasm for his students really showed. I think he was even more excited than I was (albeit for different reasons as I watched him almost drag an elbow as he moved on to his next student).


Crystal really deserves a metal for her efforts. Two days of wrangling a bunch or rowdy motorcycle hooligans and she still has a smile or a wink for you at the end of the day. That girl is a saint.


And I also want to take a moment to thank Trevor and his Course Control team. He has the unenviable responsibility for everyone's safety and with that comes the "Bad Cop" role at CSS. That cannot be easy as every time I have spoken with him after a school he is a genuinely nice guy. But without his team's efforts the schools safety record would not be what it is. I made it a point to tell him (and Keith) this in person as I'm sure he doesn't get nearly the warm response most of the coaches do.


Again, thanks to the whole CSS team!






BTW…I've attached a few pix of VIR incase anyone is curious what the track looks like.




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I'll add my comments. I was at VIR for the 2 day for who knows how many times this year. . . I keep flunking the level IV so I have to retake it over and over and over again :-).


I had Joe for my ontrack and he was excellent. Patient, technical and not hesitant to get on me when he needed to. Fixed some bad habits and got me sorted out on some position issues I was having. Cobie is always there and appreciated him pulling me aside/off when he caught me doing something that could have been detrimental to my health. . . Of course all the coaches there were friendly, helpful and top notch in doing their job (Pete, Lyle (why do I always get him for video? ), Jon, Johnny, etc, etc. Trevor was his normal tyrant - but I really appreciate his tyranny as thats one of the primary reasons I go. The assistants Missy and Jessica fill in all the gaps and are cheerful and helpful when doing their jobs. Crystal, hmm - they casted her job well. Who else has a voice that carries like that and willing to use it to get everyone in line. She's very good at what she does as is everybody there. And no one should forget Will who makes sure every bike is running in top shape. Might have missed a few here and there (my sincere apologies), but I enjoy the entire team and what they do and kudos to all of them (including ones in the main office like Whitney, Karen, et al).


And we even got Keith out on the East Coast for a few days as well, though we missed Dylan. I heard he was slacking off on the beach in Hawaii. .. .

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...though we missed Dylan. I heard he was slacking off on the beach in Hawaii. .. .


It's a dogs life Charlie Brown! :D

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