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What Lap Times Do You Reckon This Could Do?

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I don't think the lap times would be impressive, but could it come within 20 seconds of a MotoGP bike? I think so. Which means it would trounce me, ridden by a top rank rider, regardless of what you gave me to steer. If I could ride, I'd love to show up with something like that on a school day and leave the others struggling to find their way through the tyre smoke emitting from the over-taxed rear tyre :D Yeah, I know I'm a bit childish :P

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It depends on the ground clearance. Doesnt look like it has all that much. I can get within 20 seconds of a moto GP rider on a stock CBR600, so you dont need a super special machine to get that close.



hi mate, (nice to see you here).


I'm with Neil, i think that bike would be terrible on a track, and I think you'd find it incerdibly hard to get witin 20 seconds of a MotoGP bike.




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I couldn't get anything around a track within 20 seconds of a motogp bike. Well, perhaps if it was an MX track :lol: The question is whether Hayden etc. could do so. They do that on old CBX's etc around Phillip Island. No, they're not stock, but retain more or less the type of technology available at that era. And the racers are not quite up there with Stoner and Rossi and whatnot. But perhaps this long Gold Wing based thing is more hampered than a hopped up CBX from 1979 :unsure:

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