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Tire Pressure

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I have done levels 1,2,3 here in Greece on my Bros.Level 3 was last weekend. Everything great. My only problem is that I still lean the bike too much and don't hang off a lot. On every corner I find my self leaning the bike all the way . For those who now Serres circuit has a very high grip.

So that's my riding style so far. This weekend I'm going to another circuit here in Greece that is not as gripy as the one in Serres.It also has a few bumps etc.

I noticed that the instructors for level 3 have used higher tire pressures on my front tire (120dimension front) (150 rear) From what I read this works good for my riding style as the front does most of the job leaining all the time.

My question is what tire pressure should I use f/r, higher or lower than street pressures? On the streets I use 32f/36r.

I'm planning on using 34f/34/r but I'm afraid that because this circuit is not that gripy these tire pressures might be too high..

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much

Please excuse my English


Telis (IzabellaBros)

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Hi Telis,


We change the pressure for more in the front because the front tyre has more work to do under braking than the rear can through accelerating. On a track this is important as you don't want the front tyre to deform too much under braking, at the same time you don't want it too hard so the contact patch is too small.


Are you going to the one in Athens?


If so use lots of Throttle control (Level 1), Pick drill on the exit (Level 2) and Hook Turns (Level 3) all these will help to keep the bike stable and you confident.


All the best


Andy Ibbott

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Hello Andy

Hope you had a nice flight back .Thank you for your reply. So I'll use a little bit more on the frond. Most of the guys were telling me to use less...

Yes I'll be going to the one close to Athens.. People tell me that it's slippery.. Great!

Yes hook turns are great K5 looks so easy now!

Thanks for everything Andy . See you next year for the next level hopefully .

Be well

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There may not be many circuits in Greece but that one in Serres is absolutley brilliant. :rolleyes:




p.s. don't worry about your English as it's very good; after last weekend all I've come back with is how to say good morning and thank you in Greek!!

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Track day report .....

Everything went wrong.

I go in and do a first round.First corner a decreasing radius left one.. hmmm slippery .It gave me the feeling I was driving on a public road... 2-3rd and it is not going well slippery..But I keep on reminding my self that this is a circuit so it will hold the bike...


I'm approaching a right decreasing radius i down shift from 4rth to 3rd i dive in using some hook turn technic as well ..oops the bike is unstable... Tire pressure 32 front 34at the back.

Second pass on the same corner and as usuall I lean the bike too much. I feel the back tire loosing grip..I was sure that i would get away with some steady throttle control... but as the back was sliding I did a big mistake now that i look back.

Instead of trying to hold the bike up I used again the hook turn technic to stay within the track limits... No ..end of story the front wished me a good day and started slidding as well <_<

I couldn't believe it...

I thought I couldn't put the bike up right because I had gone wide so I made my line even more tight. The tires were cold though

In Serres with cold tires first round and you could lean the bike so much!!

I must practise my quick turning i think if I want to stop leaning so much


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(...)No ..end of story the front wished me a good day and started slidding as well (...)


Hi Telis,

Can you recall what you did with the throttle when you "lost" the rear?


If your lean-angle was too much and at the same time you transferred extra load to the front tire, you were lucky since you avoided crashing.

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Well I didn't avoid crashing unfortunately...

I did crash ... I remember everything because as I was slidding i was sure I could save it ..

So yes as the back tire started slidding, I kept a steady throttle hoping that this would save me. I had previous experience with back tire slidding and with both tires slidding (serres circuit) and didn't get scared at all..

I kept a steady throttle but I think I transfered my body more to the frond (hook turn style) trying to make my line tighter..

If I hadn't leaned the bike more as it was slidding I might have saved it... what can I say...

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