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Superbike School Sa?

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Hi Guys,


What are the chances of the superbike school ever coming to south Africa?


My Brother and I race ZX10's, I ride the regional Races in Cape Town and He races nationally accross SA last year placing 7th in the country.


I have read the Soft Science and will be reading more of Keith's work as soon as I can get my hands on it.


There are loads of good riders in SA and plenty that would truly benefit from a school like yours. I belive we have some great talent in our national scene that would truly stand out on the world scene if they had just another little edge.

Recently Hudson Kennaugh finished second in Valencia, having qualified 7th behind all locals and even led for two laps, having never been to the track, in the GSXR Cup races. He attended a Kevin Schwantz School at Kyalami Race track here in Jo'burg some time ago and since then he's been unstoppable! He won last season with 11 out of 13 races!


Another racer had one wild card race in OZ and also finished high up the ranks.


With so much raw talent, SA is an untapped resource of future stars.


Can the Superbike school help the young South Africans?

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Guest Guest_Ninja

Amen! The scene is very dynamic in SA, and Keith's Superbike School would do very well here.

One only has to look at the number of riders turning up for the track days at Kyalami, Zwartkops and Phakisa to see that it would be a winner.


I ride (not competitively) EVERY weekend (mostly at Midvaal) as well as in Group B (or A if I am feeling brave) at all of Clinton Pienaar's track days. I have browsed this site and bought all of the books and videos, but, while all of this is good, there is no substitute for proper hands-on coaching.


As a 2005 ZX636 (and sometimes 2004 ZX10) rider, PLEASE COME AND SET UP HERE. You will be well supported, I can assure you!

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