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Clutch Actions

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I noticed on Keiths post - Commitment - the clutch actions for the 13 corner track totals 10 actions.


I assume this means one action for each gear down corner regardless of number of gear changes and no actions for no gear down corners eg sweeps etc. obviously I do not know the track he is referring to.


My question is this; When aproaching a corner that you will need to gear down say three gears, do I pull the clutch, bang down all three and then release?


At the moment I ride up to the turn and pull the clutch individually for each gear, bang down one early so as to leave two changes only closer to the turn in point.


I race a ZX10 so with the slipper clutch I shouldn't even need the clutch but feel more confident riding the way I do?


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Even with the slipper clutch you still should use the lever to go down. Hell, if the moto-gp guys use the lever to go down, that's excuse enough for me.


And as for clutching, go down one at a time. With a slipper clutch you can get away with banging off 2-3 downshifts as fast as you can work the controls, but still do them one at a time...


Just my experience... And yes, I have a slipper clutch as well...

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Boy I sure wish I would of read this one alot sooner considering I just got home from work to find out the 2 times I almost wiped out from surprise tire spin in right corners to find it was oil. then I sat down and read this and find out I'am a guilty party of the 2-3 gear sudden drop at the last minute with one clutch movement oh well you live and you learn.

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Thanks for comments Jef4Y


I was out on the track yesterday and going down one at a time feels a lot better, it gives you a chance to blip the throttle correctly and lets you brake later due to added engine braking, instead of rolling into the corner with the clutch in! Plus you are aware of how many gears you are changing - so no mistakes.

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