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Njmp Thunderbolt 5/20 & 5/21 2013

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I'll be attending L1 & L2 in Thundebolt this coming May & I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be travelling from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Just in case, you are wondering where that is? It's a country north of Singapore. I would like to know if those attending L1 & L2 on the same dates would like to share accomodations at the VIP Suites at Thunderbolt or other locations. I would preferablly like to check in late afternoon on May 19 & check out on the May 21 or 22.

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I'm currently taking the 2-Day at Vegas Motor Speedway,and I recommend you trying to get into the NJMP (USA) area as early as possible. I flew out of NYC the Friday before Day 1 and ran into many probelms with bad weather, cancelled flight, and a broken plane...all before leaving the tarmac. I was nervous that I would not make it out if NYC and missing CSS. Unless CSS can fill your spot (on such short notice?!), you will lose your tuition paid. Not a small amount of money.


Other than that, get there and enjoy!!! I am!!!!!!!!

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Although I have reserved a single room, I want to welcome you to the USA and I will be seeing you on the 20th to do level one. Looking forward to meeting you. Nic

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