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  1. My apologies for not responding to the great posts, but the email account by which I'm notified went south, so I thought no one had any thoughts about the topic. I'll post more soon. Thanks for helping me work on this!
  2. Wondering what everyone thinks of the 2017 Superbikes and what you think is the best street, track, and overall bike this year? I'm leaning towards the Ninja because of the opportunity to get extra power from the race kit cams and it seems like its on par or above overall. Its also currently leading WSBK, though that could easily change. The Ducati also seems to have made extraordinary improvements. There's lots to like about the Gixxer, and I really like the quality and innovation on the R1. Motorcycle News picked the Honda overall but I like a bike with more power. As much as I miss my
  3. My short take on this question is that "perfection of one's thinking can lead to great outcomes". An example of this is "I will stay on the bike, safely, during this race/event, be smooth, and in the lead at the end", in lieu of "oh expletive, I'm out of control and going to crash".
  4. Having started Catholic Racing Group on Facebook... <This post has been MOVED to a new thread in the Cornering section called "Beliefs and Riding">
  5. Its been a long and challenging road for me back to New Jersey Motorsports Park since my unfortunate incident in 2014, yet i succeeded and CSS deserves a lot of credit for sticking by me, even though I also had another bad per incident with Penguin Road Racing School. Ken Hill, Nic Ienatsh, Chris Peris, Kyle Wyman, Mark Schellenger and the rest of the Yamaha Champions Riding School class that I graduated from on May e helped me tremendously over come and identify my bad habits, and to help me start to create champions habits. California Superbike School is my birthplace as a racer, which
  6. Hi Again Phil, Would you please contact me at 347-804-6952. Thanks, Jesus, I Trust In You!
  7. Hi Hugh, Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Things could get better and I hope they do. My wife and I have had many bitter discussions about motorcycles and racing. I have to concede that many of her concerns are correct. The emotional and financial tolls in this realm are heavy. My plans are also scaled back this year, but I'm cautiously optimistic that I can do three days on the racetrack including Limerock. The centerpiece of my effort is to do a day with Yamaha Champions School, first, on May 3rd, where I feel like I can learn a lot from Nick and his staff. I'll try to finis
  8. I finally followed through and started a racing blog since way back when Laura (Hotfoot) suggested so. Its like me, a little disjointed but, getting better all the time. Here's the link. I'll also post the link on my racing blog on this site. Thanks to everyone and have a great 2016 season! http://nicsmotorcyleracingblog.blogspot.com
  9. I cannot wait to see my first MotoGP. If all goes as planned, I will see the races at NJMP after a track day on 8/10/2015!
  10. Great news, I rode two-up with Eric Wood yesterday and had a wonderful experience in my third School including my ill fated ride with CSS in May a year ago. Things are changing for the better and I am now looking forward to getting my CCS license in less than two months. I have a fully prepared Ninja ZX-650 at my disposal for the next two years at Loudon and New Jersey Motorsports Park. My sponsorship package is coming together now and I can see my way clear for 2015. I hope to see some of you at NJMSP soon. Best Regards to everyone. P.S. I also met Scott Crago, drummer for the Eagles
  11. Nice going Hugh. I'm moving forward too and rode two-up with Eric Wood yesterday. Looking forward to meeting you. Nic
  12. Hugh, I will be more present for your racing career. Go Dogs!
  13. Watched your forks in action with interest in the video you posted on your racing blog. A light bulb went on and the thought was, "Oh yeah, that makes more sense now after digging into the book". A lot of the above is over my head for the time being, especially as I scramble to absorb everything I learned at Penguin 6/9/15. However, I'm determined, and I'm going to learn enough to get my suspension set properly and change it as needs change. Thanks again for opening my eyes with Andrew's book, your book, and and your writing, I will continue to follow your blog. Go Dogs!
  14. I agree 100% that staying off your rear brake is the way to go except for the circumstances noted. The point I'm trying to make is what are you going to do when your back tire locks up in a panic stop? Believe me, you are in trouble. That was one of the main contributing causes of a nasty crash I had during a CSS Level I School. It also caused me to get squirrelly a couple of times before but not enough to make me give up my stubborn and foolish attachment to the rear brake. I knew the teaching on this but I chose to ignore it and it bit me hard.
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