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Signing Up For School And Question About Equipment Rental

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Thanks for the responses. I'll leave my Cardo at home, then ;-) and I know what to ask my kids for my B'Day... Would a good set of leathers hikers do in a pinch? I've got a descent set of jungle boots, but they're mostly nylon.


Regarding boots - not sure if you are asking about your upcoming school day or about street riding, but for sure you need protective motorcycle boots for school. If you don't have them by then you can rent them (it's part of your leathers rental). Track boots should have significant ankle protection, for both preventing excessive ankle movement in a crash and to protect from impact or crushing injuries. Hiking boots will not do the job. One never expects to crash and crashes at school are infrequent - but you need to have the protection just in case.


For ANY sort of riding, good boots are important - even just a tip over in the driveway can result in significant ankle injury, if your foot gets caught under the bike, and boots with a rigid ankle support can make all the difference in the world.


One good resource is wera.com, they have a racer forum and the classified section usually has used race boots for sale, many of which have hardly been worn.

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