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Auto Tune Question - O2 Sensor Location

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Hey Timmer,


I just ordered AutoTune for my bike (2008 Honda CBR600RR). It has a full Akrapovic exhaust (4 into 2 into 1) with an O2 sensor bung already welded in place about 6 inches after the "2 into 1" section, right near the lower link of the rear shock. It is still pretty far from the muffler.


Is this a good location for the O2 sensor? I'm assuming it is since it is an OEM location, but wanted to check with you, just to be sure.


FWIW, it also has a BMC race air filter, PCV, & ignition module (for the quickshifter). Everything else engine related is bone stock. Any other installation and / or use tips?


Thanks very much!


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Hey Dan,


That location for the O2 sensor should work fine.


There are instructions on how to hook up the Autotune at the end of the PC5 installation guide. You can find it on the Power Commander website if you need it.


I hope you like the new toy! Let me know if you run into any problems.




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Thanks Timmer! Hopefully I receive it this week, along with the PAIR block off plates.

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