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Uk Ntec Question

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I have some race take offs 190/55 rears and Brainerd Intl Raceway is a right hand favored track, the seepes on the right side of the tire are there but I can only get a little bit of fingernail in there for depth reference.


On the left side and center there is a good amount of rubber left, can you flip the rears even though they are DOT's? I know even when flipped I wont have as much traction on the left handers but my pace is fast novice/ slow intermediate and would only be using these for trackdays so it's not like I am riding on the edge of traction or pushing the limits of the tires.


Also the blueing on the sides of the tires, what does that indicate? I have never seen that before.



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I looked around on google and apparently the USA tires are NOT to be flipped but the UK ones can be flipped, obviously you still will have less traction on that side even when flipped but this is for practice trackdays not trying to set personal best or record lap times on these tires.

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