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Suspension Sag Setting On Smaller Race Bikes

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My son will be attending the upcoming session at V.I.R. Augusr 12-13. He is about 90 lbs, and will be using his Moriwaki MD250h at the school. The suspension is all Honda RS125. The dry weight of the machine is around 160lbs. In setting sag the standard 25-30mm of sag is almost half of the total suspension travel. To be honest I have not played with it much through out the season this year, letting him adapt as it is. Considering this would the sag be set at around 10 to 20mm or roughly 1/3rd of available travel? Just hoping to learn along with Nic as Dad/Coach/Mechanic. Thanks in Advance and see you next week.



Scott Swensgard

Nicholas Swensgard WERA #58

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Basically you have to think about sag in percentages, but you measure it in mm, so it can be a bit confusing. So IMO setting it roughly 1/3rd of travel will be a good starting point. Also the free sag should be a bit less then the usual values, due to the small weight of the bike.

This Moriwaki is a very nice bike! I wish your son a good ride with it :)

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