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Suspension Tuning

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I received the packet from CSS in preparation for my level 3 day at Mid-Ohio next month and it included a sheet on suspension setup. Basically, it goes through changing the settings from one extreme to the other to get a feel for what changing settings, especially with damping, can do.


I already have the sag set on my bike but have never fiddled with anything else, my question is what's the best method for trying the different combination settings out? Do I just find 1 corner with some bumps in it and go back and forth a few times - change settings, and then have at it again. Or find a nice section of twisties and go at it? (hoping nobody calls the local 5.0)


Thanks in advance,


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Try this.


Find a section of road with some twisties. Don't worry, you're not going to get nailed by the cops as you should be AT or right around the speed limit.


Start adjusting your damping settings, one at a time. Suspension is always adjusted from full hard back out, and once you get past about 2 turns, there's no noticeable change.


Adjust your compression full hard in the front - ride the twisties

Now go full soft (out about 2-3 turns) - ride them again


Put it back at the setting it was originally at, and do the same with the rebound. Then do the rear.


You should be somewhere around .5 turns out to 1.5 turns out on everything. Any more than that and you really need your suspension worked on.


Feeling what happens is far better than me trying to describe it.


Again, with this, you're not trying to break any landspeed records, but rather, you're trying to understand and pay attention to exactly what's changing about the bikes handling.


Above all, don't be afraid to twist the knobs. Just take a pen and little notebook to write where things were at and how it felt when you changed it. In the end, you'll probably end up setting your damping different from when you started, and your bike will feel better...

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