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Las Vegas Level 1 And 2, November 13 And 14


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had a blast. learned a great deal and got to ride a sport bike for the first time.


done a bunch of track days and a few schools on naked/standard bikes i own or was given to ride (own a CB1000R and rode an FZ8 at another school) so this was an interesting change for a guy who is 6'3" and 220lbs.


overall a fantasticly well run organization, lots of information but not overload. you're always moving during those 2 days (camera bike, lean bike, track time, classroom, etc) but never feel rushed. after so many years of teaching it's not suprising they have it down.


most importantly, all the skills taught apply to street and track and for those of us that ride both, that is important. i was the guy hanging off too much to compensate for my lack of connection to a new type of motorcycle and got great advice to bring it in a bit and that really helped.


special thanks to my coach conner for all his insight, and trevor for helping me not look "so" GP (:-)). also big thanks to both dylan and keith for taking the time between sessions to talk about whatever...


see you in the spring for level 3 at SOW.



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Welcome to the forum and glad to hear you got so much out of the school. I noticed your comment about riding an FZ8 at another school. I suspect I know which one that was. I'd be interested to hear what you have to say about the differences in the schools you've attended in the "Any Other Schools You Have Been To" thread under the School Questions section if you get a chance.



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