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Protective Jackets

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I thought protective jackets were designed for motorcross only but I'm now seeing many advertised for track. There are all sort of models, some of them will make you look like a middle-age iron cast warrior. Here's a couple:





Anybody has experience with these? Is there any value compared to a simple back protector?

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I believe the reason you don't see more of these protective jackets in use is a matter of redundancy,


The majority of even entry level race leathers have CE approved armor in the elbows and shoulders, so trying to wear the fully armored jacket would mean you need to remove the armor that's built into your leathers, The same goes for most all motorcycle specific jackets, why spend the extra $$ on the full armored under suit when most of it is already built into your leathers or jacket. If however had some custom suit or bought a brand of suit that had no armor whatsoever in it, wearing a protective vest or jacket under it would be a major improvement


The back / chest protector combo I believe is much more widely used than you realize as the majority of both jackets and racing leathers do not include a CE rated back pad, though many include a lower grade PE pad


Here in LA the most common riding apparel I see on sport bike riders is probably the Icon Field Armor vest, the predecessor to the one you linked, over a sweat shirt or tee shirt, and while its no where near all the protective gear, its a step in the right direction. I give Icon a great deal of credit for making wearing some protection while riding a sport bike "cool"

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I had a Dainese that I used up. The zipper finally broke. Now I have an EVS G5 with the kidney belt. I use it for off road. It takes a little getting used to. The fit is tight by design. I think it would keep the armor in the right place in an involuntary get off. If under something else.


It is a matter of diminishing return and bulk I think. As T-Mckeen mentioned. Most of these are not design to be compact as it is a development coming from the offroad community. It is an evolution of the old style motocross chest protector/ roost guard. They really had little to do with crash protection, and more to do with rocks thrown by bike in front of you/ roost. Catch a rock the size of a golf ball in the chest at 40 mph. It hurts.


The new pressure suits (as the locals call them) started as a marketing thing. Put all your armor on quick. Put your chest, back, shoulder, elbow, protection, and kidney belt on all at once. Then they started adding more padding/CE rated stuff.


I would recommend if you go this route that you get one with a one piece chest and not a 2 piece. The sternum protection is much better on the one piece and the load is spread over a much wider area. It isn't as comfortable, but I feel the protection is worth it.


I have had both types, and I picked up the EVS quick. Because when suiting up for a dirt ride the Dainese zipper broke. I needed something now and we were meeting at the local Cycle Gear to leave for a night ride in Mid Summer. Still 80* F and 90% humidity at 9 pm.


Just MHO.

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