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Vanson Leathers

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I need to buy a racing suit and am undecided between a Vanson at $1,000+ or AGV Sport Imola at $700 ($480 with the CSS offer).


AGV Sport sounds like a great offer but I wouldn't be able to tell the benefit of a Vanson for the life of me. I read that "the finishing" is very good... What makes Vanson almost twice as expensive? Any experience between the two?


PS: Reading the Vanson FAQ, they claim their leathers are meant to last for long and can be repaired, even after multiple crashes: http://vansonleathers.com/vanson-race-suits/ten_reasons_vanson.html

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My synopsis... Vanson will be made more or less specifically to your order and they do have a great reputation. Fit and finish should be excellent overall; also the suit probably will fit you much better (but might not). A better fit also means better comfort and possibly better protection since the suit won't bunch up or be loose in odd places. The AGV will work just fine; you should have no fear of owning one. But it's likely to be more the character opposite of the Vanson. It'll be a generic, made for the masses leather suit. If you can try on the AGV and you believe it fits well and will be comfortable to spend your day wearing, then going that route likely makes for money well saved. If it doesn't "fit like a glove" then I'd suggest talking to Vanson.


I suggest you might also consider looking at Pilot leathers. I have the older Alpha suit (now discontinued I believe) and my next suit (if/when I get one) will be a Pilot EVO. I'm sure experiences do vary, but I've yet to meet anyone in person who had nothing but good things to say about their Pilot leathers. I crashed in mine the very first day I had them on the track - I don't recommend this - and they protected me perfectly and sustained only some minor scuffs (I was in the grass however). The EVO suit is only $1300 and they will do most graphics, names, numbers, sponsors, etc. (or nothing at all if that's your preference), on your suit at no cost and also can make minor tailoring adjustments at little or no extra cost if the off-the-rack size doesn't fit you just right.

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