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  1. Earlier today Nicky Hayden, AMA Superbike Champion and 2006 MotoGP Champion passed away from injuries sustained from a cycling accident in Rimini Italy last week. RIP Nicky #69
  2. There is much more there to be learned than meets the eye! A lot depends on the twist grip angle vs throttle plate(s) opening angle. What is the ratio? How could this be changed to improve or impede your lap times? Jeff
  3. Mr. John Surtess, The only person thus far to win world championships on 2 wheels and 4 wheels passed away on Fri 10 Mar 17. Condolences to his family. Jeff
  4. How about using a motorized bicycle?
  5. There is another way to widen your arc without adding a steering input (and without changing body position), who knows what that is? Turn the loud handle. What if the loud handle is at 11, then what????
  6. As per Roberts request I will post up a picture or two soon. Life has been a trip lately and I have not really been able to keep up with whats been going on around here. I hope you all enjoy the following. Jeff
  7. At present the 1299 is not race legal. It does have more of the good ole fashion Duc low end torque which makes it easier to ride. The WSBK model is the 1199R.
  8. Ok, fair enough. What part of racing technology would this fall into other than the trash?
  9. I'm throwing this phrase out to get thoughts from the folks here about what this means to you. The first time I read the phrase ‚Äč"You have to go slow to go fast" was in a book about autocross driving/racing, this was back in the early 80's and I can't remember the name of the book. For me it's "Time Management"
  10. I usually get into position while I'm still on the brakes but towards the end of the braking to be 100% honest sometimes I miss that target and am coasting for a moment when I move. I normally slowly taper the pressure but occasionally in those "oh no" moments I'll snap right off the lever. As for the missed timing for the body position change and end of braking you could completely get the bike unstable. One of the biggest fears I had when I first decided to move around on the bike. If I recall from the school you want to move your body while on the brakes. Robert, You are mentally hauling butt while slowing down Have you thought about what you need to do before entering a turn? How many steps are flying through your brain in that couple of seconds? Cutting to the chase (no pun intended) Move your ass whilst go the gas!
  11. Welcome to the forum Mario. Material to read, Twist of The Wrist 2 and maybe watch the DVD with the same title. They can be purchased here https://superbikeschool.com/superbikeschool/store/ Classes at Barber fill up quick. Im not sure about Laguna though. The only difference between the classes are the location, material and class levels are the same. Jeff
  12. Damien, Do you need the full system or do you just want a full system? It's cost vs performance. Will you fully utilize the extra power gained from the expense from the full system and other components that will be required? Or.... It's the age old question: Wants vs Needs! Best of luck which ever way you decide.
  13. Quick post while I still unwind from a 10 hour drive, the last 3hrs ice and snow. Relax drill is wonderful even driving, just use the fingers instead of flapping your wings. Comments on the video; hmm, ok, hmmm, I'm not going to say not so polite things about another school. I may one day attend their school because there may be that one little tidbit of information that may save my bacon. Now looking to far ahead can get you lost, make you miss your apex ( Turn 2 at Barber's; run off the inside, over the curbing!!! Thanks Hotfoot for the corrective action; look at the curbing [step 2] before looking at the exit [step3]). Looking to far ahead ( Museum turn at Barber's; looking at the turn point for the S-turn and not letting the bike run out to the outside exiting; Look to the turn exit first and let the bike go there. Thanks James!) If you have to look to see where you are then you are lost! By the time you know where you are, the it's old news and you are lost. Know where you are and know where your going, if you don't then your lost; lost = slow Back to the relax drill ; can't find the one for Beer so....
  14. Stroker, that is a tight track. From watching, it looks like whom ever did the video did a nice job even if the camera mount may not be the best. I would try to find better videos of the track, unless the track is that rough. If the track is as rough as it seems in the video I would look for different lines around those sections until I became more comfortable riding at speed on the track. You may even find a better line like csmith mentioned. @Steven, It is not Stroker riding the track, it is a video of an upcoming track that Stroker intends on riding. Good observation on the lack of counter steering. Bonus question: How many people are standing at the start finish when the video begins and ends? Bonus question X2: Did you look or did you notice as you rode past?
  15. Stroker, pick one or two of the items that you listed and get them correct. Then continue on to the next one or two, etc... by then you will be very aware of what you need to accomplish. Taking each as a separate task will not overload your brain trying to get them all right at once. Become comfortable with one then move on to the next, there may even be the possibility that you take care of another riding issue in the same process Good luck and keep at it!
  16. Stroker, take a look at your left hand position on the left grip while turning left then do the same for the right turns. What do you notice that is different? Also, it looks like you are looking down more when turning right, but it could be the camera angle making it look that way.
  17. Rumor control has it that the bridge will access the museum expansion that is to be inside the track.
  18. Welcome to the forum Roddy. When was the last time you check the air pressure in the tyres? @ ktk 85-90 KPH is average speed on dirt roads where I live. If your going that slow on the tarmac your road kill
  19. super aggressive steering angle , aggressive profiled tires and super light weight bikes? Stroker and RonniB nailed it! ktk_ace you know that the more you increase the steering angle the more the high speed stability decreases, yes? In the referenced photo they are all on the same tyre (compound???) and same weight bikes, so would that apply? It is their ability to pick the bike up very quick and remain in control. Thats why they get paid the big bucks
  20. As for late replies, congrats on the new bike
  21. Stroker, when you are trying full lock to the right do you have any fingers on the brake lever? If so, try to go full lock without fingers on brake lever and see if that helps.
  22. If they are available. Then you have the logistics issue again, being that there may be lvl 1 and lvl 2 students using the off track bikes. My lvl 2 day (one day) I did not have the chance to ride the lean bike, there wasn't enough time before the day ended. I have also spent a 2 day camp trying to ride the brake bike that didn't happen either. Yes you will get the same instruction. Your coach may not have the same amount of time to spend with you as they would at a camp, 3:1 vs 2:1. It's all time and logistics. Don't worry you will learn plenty and have a fun 2 days.
  23. Congratulations young lady. Great job and you better get more next year
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