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  1. 39 000 euros it seems...the question is if there is much to add to it to make it a race bike...Anyway, out of my price range ! (not even talking about the costs of parts and maintenance). But it surely is a beautiful bike !
  2. I am dying to have some feedback on the behavior of the new s1000rr (announced tomorrow !!!) on the track...Entirely new bike, 207 hp... And I am even more curious about the behavior of the new Ducati V4R... with the Akra line, they announce 234 hp for only 165 kg, in a 998 cc (so OK for normal competition) ! If the frame and electronics (provided the suspensions should be top notch as they are full Akra and the brakes also high end) are good, that is it corners well, it could kill all competition...that also means that it should not be a special series as they must produce a minimum number of
  3. I currently have A-star GP Tech gloves, their best track gloves. They are great gloves but to be honest, they are not as good as my previous Rev'it Jerez Pro. The only reason I got them is because when my Rev'it got a little too old, I needed to buy gloves very fast, and the Rev'it distribution here is not so great... The A-star are great, but I had to send them back twice because, without any crash, some of the sewing thread were falling apart. First time after only 3 track days, second time 6 months later. So not very happy with that. Did not happen with my Rev'it. But the real differen
  4. Hmmm..while I am not riding BMW anymore, my local dealer remembered my addiction and just invited me for a special evening to have a look at an HP4 Race they have in the shop (temporarily)...will never ever afford such a bike (and I would be way to scared to go down...don't even want to think about insurance costs !), but it may be as close as I will ever get to such a super equipped superbike ! Too bad we will not have the chance to ride it ! But that front fork...OMG (and I do have a really good one on my current bike...but that FGR...)...(-:
  5. I am quite tall...and I was not flexible. That really annoyed me because I felt limited when riding my bike on the track. And also, it is of common knowledge that if you fall, being flexible is one good way to prevent injury...So one year ago, I started Yoga... simple, at home, 3 times a weeks. For sure, it helped me tremendously with my balance, flexibility and core strength. And to be honest, I really saw the difference in my riding. It helped my position, I got a better body lock on the bike, my back had to compensate less for the lack of core strength, so less back pain at the end of the
  6. This is interesting. From the UK Department for Transport... https://sharp.dft.gov.uk/ Makes me rethink a bit my next purchase !
  7. Hi Cobie, I am using an SR1 that I bought through CSS a few years ago. I like it a lot, but to me, it has one major drawback. Without a few extra pieces of foam at the top of the helmet (inside), I find the "vision" area to be too low. When I am riding at full lean angle and trying to look at my next reference point, the top for the vision area gets in the way. It is too low. Not sure what I say is clear... This is something that, I believe, has always been a problem with the SR1 for track riding, as the coaches at CSS already suggested us during a 2-day camp to use a piece of foam ins
  8. While I am not Tom Sykes (-;, I must say that the fork of the Kawa is definitively better than that of the R1. However, I did upgrade both rear and front suspensions (and still barely above the s1000rr price)... Thing is that at least here, support for the R1, spare parts, actual costs of OEM parts if needed (I mean, have you ever bought from BMW just a screw for the s1000rr ? It's just outrageous !) etc...are very reasonable, so you can really get an amazing bike for a really reasonable overall price (well...the costs of a superbike, even full factory, is not reasonable anyway). I have upgrad
  9. For the track, the R1...no hesitation for me...Note that my comments are ONLY for the track, not for the road. I have tried a lot of them. I had an HP4, which I turned into a track bike, I rode the 2015 and 2016 s1000rr both here and at CSS, did give the RSV4 a ride on a track, as well as the new GSXR and the Kawa. Only ones I have not tried in the main models are the Ducati and the Honda. So...Ducati: too expensive, and, at least here, lots of issues with getting spare parts etc... The Honda: I have no clue. The Kawa, I was very disappointed, and lots of people around here
  10. I will have a look at some pics and post them to get feedback. Thanks !
  11. Hi, I am looking for some advice for a problem that I already encountered at my last CSS class. This has to do with my lack of symetry (-;. Bottom line is that my lock on left corners is really good, I can get my body nicely positioned, I am really relaxed on the handlebars, can move my upper body very freely. On the right corners, this is not as good. My lock is not so great. During the first laps, it's OK, but rapidly, as soon as I get a bit tired, my left leg does not hold me very well in position, so I don't have a good movement, I compensate with my back (and so I get pain
  12. Well....until January 1st 2016, we could not have (except on the track of course) more than 106 hp...So my religion was repressed big time until then
  13. Thing is that, at least on my bike (Yamaha R1, cannot talk for sure about others), the impact of turning your throttle on the opening of the system is not equivalent depending from where to where it goes. More specifically, the first degrees don't have the same effect that the last ones. It is not linear. So a fast throttle does not have to make the bike more difficult to manage. For instance, my bike (1000 cc) at the moment has huge power (215 cv at the crank) and huge torque (>13). And the fast throttle is very very precise to manage...because it is not much different than the normal thro
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