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And This Is Why We Want To Make Sure Our Cameras Are On Solid At The T

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Today was a great day. New camera mount arrived. Got it solidly locked onto the bike and went for a ride. Got maybee a few thousand yards from the house and it came right off. :/


I was trying to get the exhaust note of the bike for a Youtube video. Not enough screaming F4's on there. I got to hear the bike in a way I never expected. Leaving the camera behind. :)



Figured I would share and perhaps keep people from being pelted with Gopro's at the track. I really thought that sucker was on there solid. WRONG!! :)

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Oopfh. Looks like the camera survived the fall so that's plus :)


I had a rider loose a slider in front of me at VIR a couple of years ago. It hit me in the foot and I thought it was broken. Just a big bruise thanks to the Sidis but it sure hurt like hell.

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Yeah the camera survived despite getting run over by a few cars and getting some road rash. I was probably going maybe 40mph when it left the bike.


I was 110% certain the camera was on their solid but did not tether it like I normally do on the track. I'm going to be a lot more careful in the future.

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