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S1K Custom Functional Seat

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To keep me from sliding off the back and from pulling on the bars I designed a seat for my BMW1000RR that keeps me in position. I had Lee at New Image seats do the work after I sent him a foam mock-up and scratched out a few drawings with primitive dimensions. I only have seat time in the model I made and it made it so much easier for me to handle the bike, especially under full power, that I had to send the picture because I was so pleased. I've seen many variations on this theme on all sorts of race bikes. I also had something similar on my Busa and it was super comfortable and functional. The cost was very reasonable. I'm not selling them or making profit. I'm just excited that the idea seems to be working out.post-23784-0-98608800-1393969277_thumb.jpg I'm also attaching a pic of my very sophisticated (not) model so you can get a better idea of how it works on the bike.post-23784-0-64045900-1393969507_thumb.jpg. Sorry for the askew orientations. Based on the cold snowy weather here in the Northeast, any bike related activities are better than none. I'll have the seat in a few days and let you know what my findings are.

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Thanks r. Functionally its awesome and it's even prettier in person. It makes it much easier to control her as you're plunked down right in the sweet spot and can easily steer under hard acceleration because all the force goes through your body into the tail and not ever from pulling back on the bars. I've used it just a short few days and finding new ways to use it all the time even though it needs a little tweaking. I'll report more when its done.

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