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Hi , mi name is Nikola, and im from Serbia ( not sibiria :D ) . I've been riding scooters since i was 12. yrs old, now im 21 and for the past year i have and still am riding er6n '06 . I came here to see if i can improve some stuff that concerns me like the corners and stability in them. etc etc dont know what to say more :)

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Welcome to the forums Nikola, there should be plenty of advice here to help you sort out any issues you may be having in regards to just about anything motorcycle related.


Are the roadways in Serbia as crazy as all the dash cam video from Russia thats on Youtube ??



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Hi Nikola


Welcome to the forum. As Tyler said there is a ton of information available here on the forum. We are fortunate to have many very experienced riders and CSS coaches to contribute. As a primer, most of us would recomend reading Keith's "Twist of the Wrist II" (you'll see it as TOTWII in many posts) there is also a DVD of the same name. If you havent read/seen them they are a great place to start.


To begin with, what area's of your riding do you want to work on first? Are you planning to do track days or are you focusing on street riding?




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