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Feelin Unstable In Corners, Bike Is Kinda Bouncing

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Well this was happening earlier, since i started riding er6n . In some corners i fill the bike bouncing and feeling unstable, like it will slide and crash.. This isnt happening in all corners but in most of em . My bike as maybe some of you know has strong engine braking, so when i start bouncing and feel unstable i let of throttle and my bike decelerates and i fear i'll crash becaus of eather that or that unstability. MY rear shock is set little above the middle, i changed the forks oil to 15 grade, to get them a bit stiffer but not tu much. O and if not the most important thing i dont feel that unstability while with passinger, only when i ride alone .

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Can you tell us;

Through the bars?

Through the seat?



Did it always do this or is it something new? Any experience on other bikes?


Road conditions? or track conditions? Tires? Air pressures? Suspension settings/sag and damping in particular- not that the shock is set "little above middle" and the forks have -paraphrase...15w oil so they are stiffer.


What are you doing with your body? your hands? your arms? your back? your legs? your eyes? your head?

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if the problem seems to go away when you have the added weight of a passenger, assuming your riding technique remains the same, my un-educated recommendation would be to back off the preload on your shock.


Have you set up the bikes "Sag" for your weight ?

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