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Teaching Pays Off At Daytona

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Joe Roberts runs 1:53:151 in qualifying group 1 at Daytona, 2nd behind Barrett Long


watch live here




daytona 200 will be live on the website tomorrow.


It isn't the greatest coverage, but it is better than no coverage


No rolex for Joe this year.

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The superbike was fun to watch even though they (online tv coverage) only stayed on the 3 bike breakaway group. In the end Yam ousted Suzuki by ? .02 seconds ?...Don't quote me on that time difference...about a wheel- It appeared the Suzuki would drive right by, from about 10 lengths back leaving the chicane and in the draft by Nascar 4 he was reeling him like nobodies business, the speed difference had to be 5mph or more- but alas just stopped once he got besides him and couldn't move any further.

Yam 1 and 3

Suz 2

impressive show by the third place finisher after riding it off turn 1 twice, catching back up after the first time and actually running the fastest lap of the race to do so. But the second off track excursion had him 4 seconds behind with 2 laps to go and that is where he stayed. Still way ahead of any other bikes


The harley race had the top 10 finish within 1/2 of a second of each other, the leader coming into nascar 4 ended up 7th I believe. The next pack was quite far behind the lead pack. It was funny to watch one break away by even 20-25 bike lengths and then in no time flat the pack would run them down and pass them. The best rider on the day may not have won but it was a good show

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Most Recent Update shows Gerloff on provisional pole and Joe sitting in 20th,


it also list's Joe as having crashed



hmmm I don't see that.


I just checked and indeed Elsick is on POLE with his 1:49:292 and Joe Roberts dropped a spot to 18th with Elena now 19th

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Joe finished a respectable 11th, 1 lap behind. ONly 6 riders on the lead lap at the end


Elena ended up way back after a pit stop where they didn't get one of the axle spacers installed and she rode all the way around off pace to have to get them to do it over with all the parts, otherwise I think she had been up to 14th at one point.


It was shaping up to be a really good fight, 6 riders all together until the first pit stop

4 riders together after that pit stop then 2 of them crashed coming into turn 1 and Eslick just kind of walked away after that


One of the original lead bikes lost a chain and ended up a couple laps down after having to push the bike from the chicane back to the pits, but he was running laps times faster than the leader or as fast once back out.


Oh and Eslick took exception to a back marker not giving him enough room (in his opinion) and gave him the one finger salute, and since this airs via the internet it was shown and talked about. You would never see that on network tv, and certainly not replayed a couple times.


I hope they can get the picture quality to be a bit better, it was fine in the window of the website but even on a 24" monitor it got pixely, let alone feed it to a 48" where it wasn't even watchable. But I thought the coverage was great


I would have liked to have seen a bit more interviews and showing of the bikes in the pits etc in between the races though, they killed an hour plus that could have been used better. IMO- But I did like all the Q&A formatt from tweets and facebook questions they took on and answered during the race. Otherwise a little more showing some of the other racers (once Elsick was all alone especially) where there were also some good battles going on.


Overall I was very impressed and hope they get the picture quality improved, but hey I got to watch 5+ hours of coverage today and saw all the races.

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